Empty Bottles

These blends are 100% PURE oils. they must be blended with carrier oils before being used directly on the skin. We offer a supply of containers.  The roller-ball type is great for purse or easy application.  The glass-dropper type is great for adding a small amount to other mixes.  You can use our essential oils and mix them to the potency you like with the 'carrier oils'.  Create some of your own custom blends or use them PURE with the carrier oil.  

Recommended Mix
We Recommend a dilution of 5 - 10 drops of pure essential oils per tablespoon of carrier oil for skin application.
One Teaspoon = approximately 5ml. One Tablespoon = approximately 15ml.

Grapeseed Carrier Oil
120 ml. Bottle

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil
120 ml. Bottle

Empty 10mm Roller Ball Bottles

Empty 15mm Bottles with glass eyedroppers