Our Product Assurance

In simple English, our oils at least match the quality of ANY other oils available from ANY other source and once we treat them with Quantum Energy Healing Frequencieswe have a finished product that is far more effective than anything else available.

Essential Oil Quality:

  • 100% pure unadulterated oil.
  • Certified Vegan.
  • Kosher Certified.
  • Certified Organic where applicable.
  • No Chemicals present in the oils.
  • No Synthetics added to the oils.
  • Produced from either Wildcrafted or Sustainably Harvested plants.
  • NOTHING sourced in China is ever used in the production of our oils.

  Product Labeling:

Basically we will be using different color labels for each type of product.
  • Individual oils have green labels.
  • Blends have blue labels.
  • Massage blends have red labels.
  • Roll-On bottles have yellow labels.

It is actually the FACT that our oils are both PURE and UNDILUTED (unlike many other oils) that necessitates dilution in a carrier oil before putting it on the skin.

The bottom line on this is simple. ANY so called "Pure" Essential Oil that is promoted as safe to use directly on the skin straight from the bottle is either NOT a pure, undiluted oil (it has already been diluted with a carrier oil) or is being promoted by someone who has incorrect information how to safely use it.

  Quantum Energy Healing Frequencies

Every living organism has it's own innate frequency and Essential Oils have the highest frequencies of any natural substances which is one reason why they are so effective.

Our Essential Oil products are infused during both the manufacture and storage processes with specific healing frequencies that boost their already high natural starting frequencies.

  Using Our Essential Oils

It is VERY expensive to purchase an Essential Oil that is 100% PURE.

As an example, lets say you find a 15ml bottle of another oil that can be used directly on the skin for $20.00 retail. You now have roughly 375 drops of that oil.

You can purchase one of our 10ml oils for $35.00 retail, which is $15.00 more expensive and contains roughly 250 drops of oil.

Here is where it gets interesting though.

You can then take just 10 drops of OUR oil and add it to a 15ml bottle of carrier oil and have something that is the same strength as what is in the $20.00 bottle.

You can then repeat that exercise ANOTHER 24 times using our bottle.

So ONE bottle for $20.00 or TWENTY FIVE BOTTLES for $35.00 + $2.00 for each empty bottle for a total of $84.00. ($4.20 total per bottle).  YOU CHOOSE!

If our bottle states 100% Pure Unadulterated Essential Oil, it WILL contain ONLY PURE Essential Oil; No Chemicals, no Additives, no Fillers, no Carrier Oils, NOTHING except PURE Essential Oil.