We are not currently offering a line of essential oils.  We may, in the future do so.

What Are Essential Oils?

We as inhabitants of our Planet are now and always have been intimately involved with plants and their uses. From food sources to weaving plant fiber into clothing, plants have been nurturing the human race for aeons. Plants have many wondrous qualities and uses and offer a huge variety of uses.

Some plants offer fruit. Others their leaves. Some offer uses for their roots. Some plants can be fully consumed for a variety of uses, others only selected parts have direct human uses. ALL plants produce oxygen, vital to human survival. We in turn offer carbon dioxide in return that is essential to plant survival. It is a long standing and extremely mutual beneficial symbiotic relationship that has existed since life first evolved on our wonderful Planet: Earth.

Essentials oils represent the essence of the plant. It's very heart and soul. These oils are derived (extracted) from plant leaves, flowers, stems, roots, bark or branches. The concentration of this plant essence provides numerous benefits, many of which are medicinal in nature. Others purely pleasurable. The scent and feel of these oils on the skin can be both exotic and intoxicating. Various blends can be used in almost unlimited ways.

One of the key factors in using and benefiting from essential oils is to only use the most PURE varieties and blends available. Organic and pesticide free essences are best. When placed in the skin these oils will penetrate into your body so you want only the PUREST varieties.

Each essential oil can have many applications, uses and benefits. Depending on application and use, they can relax and sooth as provide a wonderful way to enjoy the essence of Life Itself!